A simple app will help you to learn more about yourself
Inspired by productivity improvement we created a personal activity tracker
The app will help you to track and analyze your daily activities or daily routine. The advantage of our app is quantity-based activity tracking. This feature allows data to be more user-oriented and statistics to be more accurate.
How it works?
Customized Activities
We are convinced that you are the owners of your lives and nobody knows you better than you do. So you should create your own activities and track them.
Personal Statistic
Watch out your own stats. Future updates will pleasantly surprise you with more and more useful and customized data about yourself!
All you wish
All functionality will fully depend on ProductHunt's community and all features will be developed according to users' wishes!
Let's check how much you know about yourself.
Create your customized activities, see what and how many times during the day you do.
And we, in our turn, will help you to analyze it.
Start using for free
PadStats is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.
Start tracking your activities today!
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